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Prayer From Sunday November 29, 2020

Glory to you our God and king! With love and gratitude we meet you this morning. You made us and we are yours, we are your people, the sheep of your pasture.

We now enter your gates, this church service, with thanksgiving and praise. Together we praise your name, for You are good and your love endures forever and your faithfulness through all generations.

We can never say that we have nothing to be thankful for. Thank you God for who you are, holy, good, just, kind, forgiving and merciful. Thank you for coming into the world as a human.

Thank you for all we have in this world, and thank you for the promise of life after death.

Thank you for all the TPC helpers who hand delivered the Advent devotionals to our homes. These helpers showed your love to us in this kind gesture and have encouraged us to take the time to seek you in stillness. Lord, as we all follow along using the book as a guide, may we all make ourselves available to you. Help us to realize the importance of making room in our homes, hands, and hearts for all that you have to fill. Lord help us all to develop the habit of waiting for you each day to meet us right where we are at. Loving Father, may our relationships with you deepen in this holy space.

We are grateful for our church, knowing that we are never left alone to struggle through life’s moments, or to figure out who you are.

I lift up in prayer anyone who is struggling through hardships and wondering where you are God, and why you haven’t answered prayers. If they are doubting you or losing faith, Lord, encourage them to meet you; draw them in and reveal your presence to them. May they know that they can reach out to our church leadership too. May we all lift up and encourage each other as you have called us to do.

We pray for our school students, and young adults who are suffering from anxiety and depression, or a sense of missing out on life’s experiences. Lord please make their anguish visible and heard. If there are red flags, may their families and friends notice and take action. May they realize that these times will pass. May they find joy in little everyday things and know that they are loved. Protect them from harm.

I pray for the sick, here and all over the world. Our great physician, all things are possible through you and we ask for complete restoration of their health. Guide all the medical professionals to properly diagnose and treat. For those with severe illness, pain, or ongoing issues, please sustain and comfort them and fill them with your spirit of hope. Help their care-givers or close family members with patience and strength. Lord, may we all use our gifts of hospitality and generosity to help when we can.

We also pray for an effective covid vaccine to be approved as soon as possible. May we all show our love for our neighbors by doing what we can to stop the spread of this virus.

Lord we pray for the Cowmans working for Wycliff Bible Translators in Cape Town. Lord, will you make way for their visas to be renewed before they expire.

Thank you for all that they do as well as the other missionaries in foreign countries, away from their families and all the conveniences we have living in the USA.

This week, may we open ourselves up to you with all our unanswered questions, our baggage, and our gratitude, and wait in silence to encounter your holy presence. We wait eagerly for you to show up!!

In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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