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Prayer from sunday march 14, 2021

Prayers of the People March 14, 2021 – “Pi” Day and the anniversary of Breonna Taylor/COVID state of emergency

…let us pray with one heart and mind.

Glorious God – We praise you and thank you for the completeness of your creation. We’ve come to this moment today to gather together in your everlasting presence and never-ending love. You have set into place all in the physical world, all mathematical concepts. You have set into place all in the non-physical world, all emotions and thoughts. However, you cannot be defined by any of this; yet you are all of this. All-knowing, ever-present, omnipotent, and equally focused on loving each one of us as a special creation, a masterpiece, your child. You know every detail of our lives and we are more than a number and more than a concept to you. Oh, how we bow down and glorify you, in awe of your wholeness!

Is it any wonder we make you the center of our life, you who are eternal with no beginning or end? This week, we circle-back to events that have marked milestones and will forever shape the rest of our lives. We wonder how the earth could complete one revolution around the sun marking one full year and yet COVID, racism, and political division still exists. We wonder how the earth could make one complete rotation on its axis marking one full day and life carries on. We reflect on how life continues, despite loss and fear and isolation and uncertainty, and how we desperately need to be surrounded by others in relationship.

We grieve for places around the globe and especially for Syria on the eve of a decade of destructive civil war; bring peace. We worry about the human ability and endurance to care for one another all over the world; bring comfort. We ache for members of this congregation who have experienced tragedy, unexpected medical diagnoses, and loss; bring healing. We long for an end to division amongst all people; bring communion.

We thank you for this church’s big heart, welcoming all through its portals, going out into the community and the world, providing food and clothing and shelter and support, always advocating for justice and equal opportunity for all your children.

God, you give meaning to our lives. Help us welcome the refreshing nature of Springtime. Wrap your arms around us and fill our sphere with faith, hope, joy, patience and wisdom. Gather us as a people to complete your work in this world. May our collective hands reach out to others, harboring the lost and speaking your word of peace to the lonely. May our eyes hold your vision for a future where your realm arises from the deep and shadowy places, with your courage, your shelter, you as our dwelling place so present and so close.

In the coming days and weeks, we move through this Lenten season with anticipation of the joy of Easter. May we faithfully experience your unlimited love, reaffirming your humble greatness, and your powerful embrace. Amen.

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